Promo Period: December 24, 2014 to December 31, 2015

    • The Red Horse Beer "Beer Day Regalo" promo is open to all consumers of legal age whose friend is celebrating his/her 18th birthday in 2015.
    1. The participants must be 18years old and above.
    2. Interested participants must be a member of the Red Horse Beer Facebook Page.
    3. To join the promotion:
      1. Interested should sign in on the promo page ( through their Facebook account.
      2. Participants must register and fill out the address and contact number.
      3. Once the participant completes all the information, click submit.
      4. Participant must register his/her friend’s details including (a) comple
      5. te name, (b) gender and (c) birthday of their friend who will celebrate their birthday in 2015.
      6. After completing the friend’s details, click register.
    4. One lucky raffle winner of two cases of Red Horse Beer everyday within the promo duration.
    5. A participant could only send an entry once a day.
    6. A participant could send different referral or friend’s name that is celebrating their birthday in 2015 but could only win once.
    7. For every winning raffle entry, the name referred by the participant in that entry will need to be validated with supporting documents proving he will celebrate his 18th birthday in 2015 upon claiming the 2 cases of Red Horse Beer.
    8. Winners would need to present any proof of identification that their referrals are turning 18 on 2015 together with the code received on the email notification sent to winners.
    9. One winner will be drawn everyday beginning January 1 – December 31, 2015.
    10. Prizes can be redeemed at the nearest SMB Sales Office selected during registration.

DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0971 S.2014